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Protecting your website is the first step towards a successful online business. A secure website will keep you safe from hackers and online fraud, while also protecting your business reputation and customer data. A secure website service can scan all websites for vulnerabilities, malware infections and other issues that could compromise your business’s security or lead to personal identity theft.

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We create exceptional websites and provide an optional website care service to ensure that your online presence remains in top-notch condition.

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What sets us apart is our commitment to affordability. Ensuring entrepreneurs can establish a strong online presence without compromising on quality.

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Say goodbye to the hassle of relying on developers for every change. With our custom dashboard, you can confidently make real-time updates to your website.

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Website Security Services.

Website security is the protection of websites and web applications from unauthorized access. In simple terms, this means making sure that only you and people you authorize can access your website, data, and information.

It’s important to keep your website secure because if it’s not, bad actors could gain access to your site through a security breach. They may steal private information like credit card numbers, bank account numbers or passwords by exploiting vulnerabilities in the website code or server configuration (like outdated software). They may also alter the content on your site so that it looks like it was written by them or some other entity (like a competitor).

Website Security

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Elliot Dodd Independent Celebrant

Our collaboration with Elliot Dodd Independent Celebrant resulted in the creation of a visually appealing website that effectively showcased Elliot's celebrant services. By incorporating features such as service pages, a contact form, a custom email address, and a user-friendly CMS, we ensured Elliot had the tools to engage with potential clients and manage his online presence efficiently.
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Clobber & Trim

Step into the digital realm of fashion with MyWebslice's responsive website design for Clobber & Trim LTD. Our expertly crafted online platform showcases the essence and allure of this dynamic clothing brand, elevating their presence to new heights.
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MyWebslice was tasked to create a truly awe-inspiring website for Starlink Net, the North West's premier installer of cutting-edge Starlink systems. Prepare to be amazed as we delve into the incredible features and design elements that MyWebslice has brought to life for Starlink Net.
Website Online Security

Website Scanning And Protection Services.

A security service is a great option for businesses who need to keep their sites secure, but don’t have the in-house resources or time to do so. These services offer website scanning and protection for small business owners, e-commerce sites and even websites that require constant monitoring for malware or other threats.

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We design responsive & bespoke websites that enhance your brand allowing you to further obtain and convert more leads.

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SEO will allow you to rank higher on search engines. This way your business will be first on the list plus it’s all free and organic!


We can offer a wide range of creative solutions such as logos, posters, letterheads, business cards, and much more…


Website security is crucial… It reassures your customers that you are safe and it prevents threats from retrieving sensitive data.

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You may already have a domain & hosting. If not, we can help you find a great domain and use our hosting.

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Not only can we make it look wonderful, but we can also make sure it stays that way with our fantastic maintenance plans.

Your questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions.

What can hackers do?

Before you can get started protecting your website, it’s important to understand what a hacker is and how they get into websites.

A hacker is someone with access to technology that allows them to break into other people’s computers or websites. Hackers use three main ways to access information on a computer:

  • They can steal passwords by guessing or cracking them.

  • They can take advantage of loopholes in software (called exploits) that allow them to gain access without knowing the password.

  • They can install malware on your device allowing them to see everything you’re doing without being detected by antivirus software.

What is Malware?

Malware is a type of software designed to infect your computer and do damage. These malicious programs can be installed through phishing emails, infected websites, or infected USB keys. Malware can steal your data, spy on you, or bring down your entire web server with brute force attacks.

We offer malware removal service so you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

What is a secure website?

A secure website is a website that uses encryption to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the data transmitted from your web server to the end user. Encryption, in this case, means that information such as credit card numbers, usernames, passwords and other sensitive data is scrambled in such a way that only authorized parties can decode it.

Secure websites offer three major benefits over non-secure websites:

  • Privacy: A secure website keeps private information safe from other users on open Wi-Fi networks.

  • Authentication: A secure website confirms that both parties are who they claim to be through encryption technology. In other words, when you enter your login credentials on an HTTPS site (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure), the service provider knows that it’s really you logging into their system because only you can decode your password (which has been encrypted by an algorithm). This prevents others from stealing your logins and passwords by eavesdropping on network traffic between devices connected via Wi-Fi hotspots or similar public networks where no security measures have been taken against unauthorized access/intrusion attempts.

  • Integrity: A secure connection prevents tampering with any files sent back and forth between clients running software like Adobe Flash Player which may contain sensitive personal data like credit card numbers or legal documents containing private information about someone else without permission from said person(s).

How do you check our website?

MyWebslice has a vulnerability scanner. You may be wondering what a website vulnerability scanner is. In short, it’s a tool that can identify vulnerabilities on your website and help you fix them. It’s an essential step in protecting your site from hackers and making sure everything runs smoothly.

A vulnerability scanner works by identifying any problems with the code of your site, like if there are security holes or outdated components that make it more vulnerable to attacks. This information will help you make decisions about how to improve your site’s security based on what needs fixing most urgently—for example, if one part of the code has multiple vulnerabilities but another part doesn’t have any issues at all then perhaps you should focus on fixing the latter before tackling anything else!

There are many benefits to using a vulnerability scanner:

  • It gives you peace of mind knowing that everything is working well behind-the-scenes;

  • You can prevent major hacks from happening by taking action before they occur;

  • It’s easy enough for anyone (even non-technical people) to use these tools without needing assistance from IT teams or other professionals…and since they’re free too!

We also make sure that everything is up to date & functional on your site.

How can you protect our website?

We have secure hosting. We will install the latest SSL (Secured Socket Layer) encryption technology as this is the best bet for protecting your site from hackers. We also offer firewalls and other features to help keep hackers out of your system.

We will upgrade you to HTTPS. HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is used by all websites to send information back and forth as users click through them. It is not secure, however—and so if you want to protect yourself against hackers who might try to steal data from you or inject malware into your site, switching over from HTTP to HTTPS should be at the top of your list!

Is website security necessary?


Website security is important, but it’s not just about passwords and firewalls. MyWebslice security services will help you keep your site safe from hackers, malware, and other threats. Website security is about protecting your website from being hacked.