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If you’re looking for a reliable Website Care Service in the UK then you’re at the right place. At MyWebslice, we focus on building bespoke solutions to offer a full spectrum of reliable and efficient maintenance services. We offer daily backups and security scans for enhanced security for your website. Our expert support team is available round the clock to keep your website running smoothly and provide you with complete peace of mind.

Cancel Anytime Care Service

We create exceptional websites and provide an optional website care service to ensure that your online presence remains in top-notch condition.

Commitment to Affordability

What sets us apart is our commitment to affordability. Ensuring entrepreneurs can establish a strong online presence without compromising on quality.

Edit The Website Yourself

Say goodbye to the hassle of relying on developers for every change. With our custom dashboard, you can confidently make real-time updates to your website.

Ensuring You Stay Operational.

Website Care Service.

Website Maintenance is an integral part of any business and is often overlooked by companies. The importance of a website, especially with the rise in popularity of online shopping, cannot be underestimated. Here at MyWebslice, we can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your site will always be up and running.

With our Website Care Service you can rest assured that your site will receive regular security updates, backups, monitoring and more all for one fixed price. This means there’s no need for you to spend valuable time worrying about what is happening behind-the-scenes with your website – just leave it in our hands!

Website Care Service
Website Care Service
Website Care Services

Your First Choice for professional Web Support.

When you need the best in website maintenance and support, you’ll find us to be the perfect solution. We have a reputation for providing quality services and we have many satisfied customers who can attest to our dedication to excellence. We have extensive experience in our field and are highly recommended by our clients because of it.

Our extensive knowledge base will ensure that your site stays up-to-date with modern standards and practices, while our responsive customer service team is there when you need them most—whether it’s an urgent issue or just some advice on how to enhance your site’s performance. For peace of mind when it comes to your online presence, call on our expert team today!

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Our Latest Projects

Elliot Dodd Independent Celebrant Website Design

Elliot Dodd Independent Celebrant

Our collaboration with Elliot Dodd Independent Celebrant resulted in the creation of a visually appealing website that effectively showcased Elliot's celebrant services. By incorporating features such as service pages, a contact form, a custom email address, and a user-friendly CMS, we ensured Elliot had the tools to engage with potential clients and manage his online presence efficiently.
Clobber & Trim Website Design

Clobber & Trim

Step into the digital realm of fashion with MyWebslice's responsive website design for Clobber & Trim LTD. Our expertly crafted online platform showcases the essence and allure of this dynamic clothing brand, elevating their presence to new heights.
Starlink Website Design

Starlink Net

MyWebslice was tasked to create a truly awe-inspiring website for Starlink Net, the North West's premier installer of cutting-edge Starlink systems. Prepare to be amazed as we delve into the incredible features and design elements that MyWebslice has brought to life for Starlink Net.
Wide Variety Of Options.

Tailored Website Care Service.

At MyWebslice, we offer a variety of service options to suit your needs. Our packages are tailored to each client and are designed to be easily adaptable. We can provide you with a quote for your chosen package so that you know exactly what it will cost.

Web Design &

We design responsive & bespoke websites that enhance your brand allowing you to further obtain and convert more leads.

Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO will allow you to rank higher on search engines. This way your business will be first on the list plus it’s all free and organic!


We can offer a wide range of creative solutions such as logos, posters, letterheads, business cards, and much more…


Website security is crucial… It reassures your customers that you are safe and it prevents threats from retrieving sensitive data.

Hosting And

You may already have a domain & hosting. If not, we can help you find a great domain and use our hosting.

Website Care

Not only can we make it look wonderful, but we can also make sure it stays that way with our fantastic maintenance plans.

Your questions answered

What Does Our Website Care Service Contain?

Do you want a team of experts to look after your website, so that it stays safe and secure at all times, while also getting the most out of its potential by making sure its always up-to-date with the latest features and technologies. Here’s what we offer:

Branding is the process of creating a unique name, symbol or design that identifies the product or service of a company. The main objective of branding is to build your company’s reputation and differentiate it from other similar products and services on the market. A well-designed brand can be used to make your customers more loyal towards your business.

If you don’t already have your domain email hosting set up, this is something we can manage for you.

A typical business email address format is We provide hosting for this new email address and support when you have issues. We also help set it up on all your devices.

We can use the website hosting to set this up or, we can help you create an Outlook or Gmail account that you can use instead. This will give you access to a wide variety of tools such as the Microsoft Office Suite & dedicated tools such as Calanders, Planners & many more…

f your website gets hacked and wiped entirely, you need to start from scratch. To remedy this, we keep daily backups of your website.

So if disaster strikes, you can be back up and running in minutes, not months. Furthermore, copies of our backups reside in 7 unique locations, both onsite and in the cloud. Your data is safe!

We draw on 4+ years of SEO experience to improve your search engine rankings.

We connect your website to Google Search Console and monitor it for SEO improvements and issues. This is a tool provided by Google itself for webmasters. It provides insights on the pages they’ve crawled on your website and tips on improving your ranking. This is how we will plan your Company’s growth.

Security is so critical nowadays! You don’t want your website to be hacked. At no extra cost, we install an SSL certificate to secure your website.

This will aid in providing a small SEO boost. We make sure SSL certificates are properly installed and renewed. Websites with an SSL certificate display a SECURE badge to replace the NOT SECURE warning!

In the event that your website does get hacked (even with all the security measures in place, this is never an impossibility), we take time to remove the virus, clean up the website and restore the data.

This also includes contacting search engines and browsers that have blacklisted your website because of the virus. You can’t be 100% protected against viruses, but we make it incredibly difficult to hack your website and speedily clean it up if it is hacked.

Clients often have questions or concerns about their website.

Don’t let your website be a mystery— ask away! We’re here to help and are available by text, email, or phone.

What good is a website if you can’t track its performance? We install and monitor Google Analytics to give you real data on your website’s visitors.

This includes how many people visited your website, if they returned, whether they’re on mobile devices or desktops, where in the world they are, and much, much more. Use this data or hire a professional marketing specialist to get the most out of your website.

We can also use this data to further boost your websites performance.

Domain names need hosting to make your website live on the Internet.

We have premium cloud servers that are both fast and secure. With cheap servers, you get what you pay for. Most hosting providers offer Shared Hosting in which you share the servers resources with other businesses. This can pose as a security risk, therefore, we have our own cloud servers.

Hosting can be really affordable, yet slow and easily hacked. Our dedicated cloud servers are responsive and difficult to hack. We use SiteGround, which is The UK’s#1 WordPress hosting provider.

Our cloud servers are fully scalable and include protection against DDoS and data loss. Our servers are fast thanks to the HTTP/2 network protocol with multiplexing and header compression for SSL encrypted traffic. Their distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection safeguards your website from incoming attacks and keeps you online!

Guaranteed 99.99% uptime on our servers. This means your website will always be live and ready for your customers.

Approximately 5 minutes of downtime in the middle of the night is natural. No one can guarantee 100% uptime. Best of all, part of our Website Care Service is monitoring your website for downtime. If the site is down for more than a couple minutes, we investigate and fix the problem!

WordPress websites often update for security purposes. We safely apply these patches and keep a backup in case things go wrong.

We actively monitor your website for new major and minor updates and apply them in the background. Your website stays live in the process. Additional plugins will also need to remain updated to further prevent a security risk, this is something we’ll do too.

f your local listing has incorrect contact information, potential customers might not be able to reach you.

We can help you ensure that your business name, address, email, and phone number are accurate on all your local listings, such as Google My Business, Google Maps, and Facebook.

Your website is simultaneously hosted on two separate server clusters in two geographically separate data centers.

If the first location is unexpectedly interrupted, your site will automatically continue running in the second location- without any data loss. Locations are in sync and immediately available with your live data!

When you have new photos, services, hours, prices, or anything else to add, remove or update on the website, a website care service lets you make any changes you’d like.

We set the website up so that you can manage this yourself, saving you time & money. However, we appreciate that you may not wish to do this…

With our Website Care Service, we’re available via email, phone, or text message to fulfil your update requests. The first 2 hours of support per month are free! Additional support is available at a discounted rate £20/hour.

We can create a Blog page or even link to your social media for the latest updates!

This keeps customers coming back to see what’s new, and fresh content improves your search engine rankings. This will also boost your brand reputation.