Protecting our Planet.

Environmental Policy.

MyWebslice is committed to improving its environmental performance by complying with relevant guidance and regulation and by adopting modern methods of environmental management and sustainable development to improve environmental performance, wherever practicable.

The aim of this policy is to enable Webslice to:

  • reduce its impact on the environment
  • ensure compliance with environmental legislation and regulations
  • ensure the effectiveness of its environmental management system
  • reduce its use of energy and resources
  • reduce unforeseen environmental risks.

Energy Efficiency

To conserve power, staff should:

  • turn off non-essential lights and power sources when not in use
  • keep windows and doors closed when using heating
  • report malfunctioning thermostats on radiators immediately.

Sustainable Procurement

Webslice will ensure that all resources, goods and services are only bought or contracted from organisations and companies who have sustainable use policies in place.